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Ask the Expert offers you the opportunity to ask questions about the evaluation and treatment of snail infestations or for that matter any snail related queries.

You can either email your question to us using the form provided, we will make every effort to respond to you within 24 hours or if you prefer a more personal touch contact our AVCASA accredited SlugPro Expert, Arnold du Preez on 071 485 2550 during office hours.

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Snails, whether in grape, fruit, wheat, cereal, canola or potato fields, should not be taken lightly. The situation could rapidly change from not really a problem to one that could cost you a lot of money.

Depending on species, snails lay up to 300 eggs at a time, as many as six times a year. We can therefore estimate that each snail can lay up to 6 times the number of eggs per laying in a year. However, this number rises exponentially as each new generation's breeding ability is taken into account.

Besides Orchard Agrikem's snail and slug bait pellet range - SLUGGEM®, SLUGGEM PRIMA®, SLUGGER® and SLUGGIT® - we also have an extended interactive snail monitoring programme to assist growers to cope with their snail infestations. The SLUGPRO® programme empowers the grower to determine the scope of the snail infestation and then to constantly monitor the snail population. The information gathered in this way, is then used to take pre-emptive action to control snail and slug populations. Problem areas are also addressed at an early stage so that the grower and his chemical adviser can then plan an appropriate treatment. The main aim of SLUGPRO® is for you and your chemical adviser to develop an action plan that will be mutually beneficial.

orchard agrikem slugpro stationsEach grower making use of SLUGPRO® will have access to Orchard Agrikem's specialist advice. All information on every step taken and the results achieved will be made available to you. SLUGPRO® uses a specialised method to identify potential snail infestations early on in the season, giving you a critical advantage: timely intervention - before the problem takes on serious proportions. Orchard Agrikem wants to partner with you and your chemical representative to minimise the risk of any danger that could harm your harvest.

The backbone of SLUGPRO® is trust, integrity and close collaboration. It is to everyone's benefit that our slow (but shrewd) opponent be given no chance to catch us off guard and almost unnoticed jeopardise the entire year's hard work.

Orchard Agrikem invite you to partner with us in your future: we are with you every step of the way. Please contact Arnold du Preez at 071 4852550 and discuss the way forward over a cup of coffee.

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The Slugpro system has made a huge difference to my snail control this year. Because I know exactly where to place the snail bait pellets, I’ve spent a lot less on snail bait pelle