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Ask the Expert offers you the opportunity to ask questions about the evaluation and treatment of snail infestations or for that matter any snail related queries.

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orchard agrikem snail pellet spacer

slugger mix snail baitSlugger Mix snail bait pellets (L10299) with 10g/kg Metaldehyde and 5g/kg Methiocarb as active ingredients is formulated to increase effectiveness in controlling white snails, Theba Pisana. Slugger Mix snail bait pellets is the perfect mix of Orchard Agrikem's original softer Slugger, which is more palatable for younger snails and the specially formulated Slugger Prima which lasts longer in rainy conditions.

The timing of any baiting with Sluggem, Slugger or Sluggit is critical; using snail bait pellets is less effective during very hot, very dry, or cold times of the year due to snails and slugs being less active during these periods. Irrigate before treating with Orchard Agrikem snail bait pellets, in order to promote snail activity, and apply the snail bait pellets in the late afternoon or evening.

Snail monitoring should be part of all growers routine checks. Counting snails 7 days after application will provide a good indication of the baiting’s effectiveness. Currently only available in 25kg units.

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