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orchard agrikem snail pellet spacer

flower bedsSlugs and snails are common pest in home gardens. In fact, snails are often so abundant in gardens than some damage has to be tolerated. One should accept that they cannot be eradicated son control measures should be targeted on protecting more vulnerable species, seedlings, vegetables, fruits and soft young shoots of herbaceous plants.

You should assess population by making a few sample counts. Once the level of risk and required dosage is established, include recommended bait of either SLUGGEM®, SLUGGIT® or SLUGGER® snail bait pellets. Applications should be done early autumn before conditions become favourable to start feeding and mating. This is a very important time for snail control. In Spring when snails have come out of hibernation, bait right after application of herbicides.

Continue to monitor your garden after applications and make follow up applications if necessary. Continue snail monitoring even if numbers are low, as numbers can increase rapidly over a short period.

An even distribution is important to ensure targeted species come into contact with pellets as soon as possible. Cultural Control practices can help reduce your pellet requirement.

The Slugpro system has made a huge difference to my snail control this year. Because I know exactly where to place the snail bait pellets, I’ve spent a lot less on snail bait pelle